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From June 21-25, 11 runners from all 50 states will participate in the largest marathon relay ever attempted. Fueled by commitment, resilience and hope, participants will collectively log 14,410 miles to help those in their battle against cancer. Slots are limited, so register today for a chance to be one of the lucky few to participate in this unique event.

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The 550 Relay: "Running for a Cause is Contagious"

The LIVESTRONG Foundation?s Team LIVESTRONG is proud to announce the nationwide 550 Relay has successfully been in full-swing this week! Runners in every state across the country have been simultaneously completing a marathon relay that lasts over the course of five days from June 21-25, 2014. Each of the 11 runners/teams complete one marathon on a predetermined route 78.6 miles long, or the equivalent of three full marathons. The funds raised will go towards Camp Kesem, a camp for kids whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer, and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

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In addition to the 11 runners, each state will have a captain and six interns. Each will be given a playbook specific to their role. Every state has a designated route that starts and ends at the state capitol. As a participant, your time at this event consists of more than just running, it will be a transformative experience that forms everlasting bonds. The 550 Relay will be full of energy, collaboration, fun and inspiration.

The 550 Relay benefits LIVESTRONG and Camp Kesem.