• Opening January 19
  • Blaine, WA

Team LIVESTRONG Ragnar Relay team is headed west! For their second Reebok Ragnar Relay, they will take on the Pacific Northwest as they run two hundred miles across Washington at Ragnar Northwest Passage. This team of 12, which is led by LIVESTRONG board chair, Candice Aaron, is over halfway to their fundraising goal of $25,000 – all of which will go to help those affected by cancer! Along the route, the runners will take in iconic sights, like the glacial Cascades and the Olympic Mountain ranges, all while running with a shared purpose. As captain of the team, Candice Aaron, stated,

"As to the why… this race is a tremendous mental challenge (as well as a physical one), much more so than a 'regular' marathon, because you have to run in the middle of the night by yourself and run every 6 hours or so without sleep. But facing your fear of the things that go bump in the night while you’re out there, or forcing yourself to take just 5 more steps while in your third leg is nothing compared to what people fighting cancer have to deal with. For this team, somewhere in the middle of RAGNAR Luckenbach we sat there in our vans telling each other stories about some of the people we were honoring with our miles. That really made it click that there is no better way to get through an extreme physical and mental endurance event than to do it for someone else. So we want to honor all those we ran for in Texas and as many more as possible by doing it again in Washington."

$25,000 will have an incredible impact on the daily lives of cancer survivors. Help support this incredible team and the cancer warriors they are running for by donating to their team today!


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Team LIVESTRONG is back again for their second Reebok Ragnar Relay of 2017, this time in the Northwest Passage. LIVESTRONG Board Chair and team captain, Candice Aaron, and her team of 11 will run 200 miles starting near the Canadian border in Blaine, WA and making their way to the finish line on Whidbey Island. This team has already raised almost $17,000 to improve the lives of people affected by cancer – help them reach their goal of $25,000 as they head out west!