christina anderson's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations. You can support christina’s active fundraising here:

Active Fundraising
$2,890.00 Raised Goal $1,000.00

Why I’m Fundraising

I am fundraising because until there’s no more cancer there is a need for the services Livestrong provides to cancer patients and their families at no charge. Cancer is tough. Livestrong provides knowledge to help you ask the tough questions to get answers to have an action plan to help you navigate cancer

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My Donors

  • Mrs. Christina Anderson
  • Barb Heim

    In loving memory of sweet Katie Rose on her birthday. In loving memory of my godmother and Aunt Kay. Miss you both so much!

  • Andrea Metz

    For Katie on her 24th birthday. For Mom. Miss you both.

  • Dan Schachtner
  • Jennifer Bixby

    Have a great ride. Guess I'll be there with you next year (didn't count on you remembering that side bet)

  • Heather Seiber

    Wish I could give more.....u are amazing Tina!!!!

  • Benevity
  • Leticia Balsar

    Keep on moving! I give today as you take on a new challenge of the Tri! Go gwt'em lady!!

  • Tom Metz
  • Val Mahoney

    You never cease to amaze me with your big heart! You have been thru and lost so much yet you are always there, with a smile to help others! Kudos to you & to Livestrong!

  • Ms. Deborah Taylor
  • Benevity
  • Tour De Brew QC