My father is a melanoma survivor. My mother survived breast cancer. I lost an incredible aunt and uncle to the disease all too soon. I've seen too many struggle with the diagnosis and loss of their own friends and family. I hate cancer, and I know most of you do as well. I’m also not very fond of running, so it only seems appropriate to take all that negative energy and turn it into something positive. With that, on February 16, 2014 in Austin, I am taking on 13.1 miles with Team LIVESTRONG in honor and in memory of everyone in my life who has been affected by the disease.

I’ve set an ambitious personal goal of raising $2,500, which I need your help reaching. But I’m asking for more than a donation; I’m asking for a dedication. This fight is so personal and I can think of no other way to make it through these miles (and hills) than to carry the strongest people we know with me. Here’s my request: once you’ve made your donation, please let me know who you’d like me to run for and how they faced their battle – with grace, with perseverance, with a fight like hell spirit? I will dedicate a portion of my run to each of the honorees, and keep them all with me for however long it takes to complete this thing.

Your money will go directly to the LIVESTRONG Foundation, meaning every dollar raised ensures that individuals and families facing cancer will have access to free support services to help them cope with the emotional, physical and practical challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis – services that have benefited my very own family.

I cannot thank you enough for considering a donation that ensures no one has to face cancer alone – your support means the world.

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