Daron White's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations. You can support Daron’s active fundraising here:

Active Fundraising
$778.00 Raised Goal $750.00

Why I’m Fundraising

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to my fundraising site and thank you for your donation. I think all of us have either witnessed or felt the effects of cancer in our lives. It is within our grasp to either greatly diminish or even eliminate cancer in our lifetimes. Every contribution, no matter how small, will further our ability to help in this fight and to help people already battling this read more

My Donors

  • Rhonda Vest

    Enjoy the ride!

  • Roger Smith

    ¡Ándale, Daron!

  • Shine Foundation
  • Johnna Dennis

    Thank you, Daron. Your dedication has made a difference in my life. I appreciate it so much.

  • Sandra Vasquez

    Keep it up! I'm thankful to work in Wimblerley with so many athletic coworkers & it goes to a great cause!

  • Karrie Flanagan

    Way to go Daron!!

  • Darelle Jordan
  • Melissa Uroda

    Have a good ride Daron!

  • Sarah Hernandez


  • Dora Grantham


  • Lori Bruns

    GO DARON!!!!!

  • Leslie Campbell

    This is awesome Daron!! You are going to rock it!

  • Marcie Jenkins

    You rock, Daron!

  • Melinda Whittaker

    Go, Daron!
    John & Melinda Whittaker

  • Susan Heiler
  • John Criswell

    Have a great ride, Daron.

  • Sonya Palmer
  • David White

    Go for it Daron.

  • Ada Tagliaferro

    Good luck!