My father is a decorated Viet Nam veteran.  As a result of his
service there, he had to face another fight for his live with prostate
cancer.  My father is my hero, and he fought against this cancer and
won.  After knowing what he went through, I can only imagine how
difficult it must be for so many others out there facing the same
fight.  They need somewhere to turn, someone to listen to them, someone
to help them and their families deal with the cancer and its effects. 

addition to this, I've been able to take control of my own health
through cycling ever since I moved to Austin.  After my first year here,
I did my first Livestrong Challenge to celebrate a healthier lifestyle,
help those who need it, and honor my father.

I am continuing to
support Livestrong because people need the help now, more than ever. 
This organization is not about a single person - it's not about the
cycling or sponsorships.  It's about that person who just found out that
cancer is trying to kill them and doesn't know what to do next.  They
need that help.  They need someone to call, someone who can talk to
their loved ones, and a place to go for support beyond medicine.

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