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$635.00 Raised

My Donors

  • Ms. maureen mclafferty

    Have well!!

  • Ms. helen mary mclafferty

    good luck that's alot of running!

  • Joe & Ginny Burke
  • God Luck Greg from Ransom Environmental

    Hi Greg: Good luck on your bike ride!!! Ransom Environmental

  • Mr. Doug Stuart

    Stuart Environmental Associates,
    Way to Ride!

  • Mr. John Brennan
  • Jessica Giorgio


    Good Luck with the ride in Philly! I hope you get to 75 miles or more.
    You and Cindy should have joined Brian and I for our ride in Canada. It was only about 8 miles, but that is better than nothing.

  • Mr. Chris Thoeny

    Way to go Gregg, hope you crush it, whatever event you're doing. Can't believe all the days af the year you could come to Philly and I'm gonna be away. Would have been great to catch up.
    Best of luck with everything man, If you need anything while you're in town, I'm happy to set you up with friends or family, you can crash in my bed if you don't mind the dogs or my roomates, but they'da ll be totally cool if you need a place to stay.

  • michele cherbonneau
  • Mr. John Lemmons
  • gregg cherbonneau