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$695.00 Raised

My Donors

  • Julie Cristol
  • Ariel Sotirescu
  • Go Carol Go!

    You are an inspiration in many ways!

  • William Fleischman
  • From Don, your honorary unlikely biking coach

    Ride well, be safe!

  • Really happy that you are riding!

    Have a great ride - can someone make you a really padded glove (Back at Norlebco, Doc made me this great shin pad for my hematoma that had a hole in the padding right where it was located so it only pressed around the sensitive area and not on it - any chance he can make you something for this?
    p.s. I have a good Lance Armstrong story I can tell you next time we are around a table.

  • Go, Carol!

    Glad I happened on this~ it's from Wendy too.

  • Ms. Helene Feldman

    Go Carol!

  • Eugene Sotirescu

    go marmots!

  • Mr. Sam Fleischman

    Have a great ride Carol I love you!

  • Amy Smith
  • Yay Carol!
  • David Updike

    Go Carol!