Sean Green's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$2,825.00 Raised Goal $1,500.00

My Donors

  • Megan Green
  • Merion Village Dental
  • Eunice Oppenheim-Knudsen
  • Mike and Judy Martling
  • Andrew and Jessica Herf
  • Mr. Sean Green
  • Steve and Melissa Seiler
  • Don & Cynthia Hickman
  • Kim and Frank Little
  • Ms. Jennifer L Peterson

    Sean and I are cheering you on!

  • Miss Laura S Matthews
  • Maxine M. Green
  • Rob Hamrick and Roger Hernandez
  • Kate, Shane and Baby Boy Green
  • Matt and Tracy Martling

    Good luck!

  • Dave, Joyce, Chris, Chad and Danielle

    Good Luck Sean !! You inspire all of us to stay healthy and fight Cancer,or "the Big C" as Dad used to say!!

  • the Fultz family
  • Chad Deible

    Sean, my family thanks you for your willingness to raise money for such a great cause. When my mom passed away on 6/2/10, I made a commitment to support as many cancer "fighters" that I could. Thank you for your conviction. God Bless, Chad

  • Pat Myers

    Good Luck Sean

  • Jim Gardner

    Please keep the numerous cancer survivors from my family in your thoughts during your run. I am sure they will bring you strength. Much success, Jim.

  • Melissa Green
  • Andrea and Michael Mikes

    Wow! You are inspiring, Sean! Keep up the great effort! Yah!

  • Mrs. Angelica Uribe-Miller

    This is an amazing thing that you are doing! My family and I wish you all the best of luck and will be cheering for you on that day!

  • Scott Niekamp

    Good luck Cousin!

  • Mrs. Cindy Niekamp

    good luck Sean! This is a great cause.

  • Brett Payne Family

    Sean, So proud of you for fighting for such a great cause!  Good luck with all your training!

  • Kathy J Kane

    Good luck Sean and run strong for a wonderful cause! Ed & Kathy 

  • Natalie Schwieterman
  • Sean Green fan club

    Hey there,
    What an amazing personal and charitable undertaking!  Best of luck to you in both endeavors. Enjoy the endorphins and the knowledge that you're making the world a better place!
    Much love,
    Megan, Jon, Denison and Mara murphy

  • Bob and Maureen Lockridge

    Thank you Sean for running for this cause. Cancer has affected three of my
    siblings and Bob and I want to support you in your efforts to raise money to
    help find cures for all types of cancers. 
    Good luck with your running and the Chicago Marathon. I will put that on our 
    calendar and we will think of you that day and also all of the days while you
    Stay healthy and God bless you.
    Bob and Maureen Lockridge

  • Nancy Heppeard
  • The Jake Anderson Family

    With all our love, Meemaw, Peepaw, Annie and Audrey