chris jackson's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$474.00 Raised Goal $1,500.00

My Donors

  • Greg Nichols
  • Shawn & Andrea Graham

    We are always impressed by your selflessness and desire to raise funds for good causes such as LiveStrong! Good luck in Oregon and run like the wind!

  • Nadia Zakariya
  • Emily Dziubek
  • Kyle Jacobson
  • Kathleen Zdenek

    Good luck Chris! Very excited to hear about it. 
    Ginger pride is awesome. 

  • Jennifer Wenzel
  • Mike Levkulich
  • Mandy 'Larix' O'Connor

    Good luck my friend!

  • Anonymous
  • Hadley & Ryan Bohn

    Chris, this sounds like quite an endeavor. What a great goal you've set for yourself! And for such a wonderful cause. Good luck--and have fun!

  • Tariq + Nasreen

    Best of luck and we are looking forward to those pictures of you in the cape!

  • Brenda Warner

    Hope you have an AWESOME experience!!

  • John Pope

    Best of luck to you, may the best ginger win.

  • Zach Osborne
  • Jess & Phil

    Chris - good luck buddy.  I wasn't going to donate a cent to you, until I read that you'll be all gingered-out.. that really changed my mind (j/k).
    Be sure to share some pics/videos of the experience, and don't forget to hug a few trees along the way!

  • TC

    Go rock it!

  • M Trezise Wilson

    Looks like an awesome challenge...good luck for a good cause! Molly