Kari Wilner's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$735.00 Raised Goal $500.00

My Donors

  • Eva Hobson
  • Dr. Loren Espada

    Go Kari go...

  • The Zamora Family
  • Sarah de Give
  • Mary Rozelle
  • Carolyn Lamb

    GO KARI!!!!!

  • Deb Farson
  • Cindy Coulter
  • Donna M. Connolly

    Have a great race, Kari!

  • The Kristick Family

    I felt bad that my husband was about to take money from Marcus on the football pool so thought that this was a way to give back discretely!!!! Actually, we love you very much and am so proud of you and Marcus!!! Good luck!

  • Rima Chakravarty
  • Trish Knuff

    You have and always will be a special "light" in my life and for all who know you.  Thank you for putting your best foot forward over and over again.  You go girl for everyone that can't do what you do and we will feel the joy right along with you.  Love and more, Mom and Dave

  • Rachel Wixom

    Go Kari! Good luck with the run!

  • Kim Bear
  • Janie the Spinner

    I admire Kari for her enduring smile, energy, optimism and good humor.
    She lost her Aunt Patti and I lost my only and dearest brother this summer 
    to cancer (as well as my mother, 28 years ago.)
    I am glad she asked and I more glad that she is the doing the running:)