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$1,238.00 Raised Goal $500.00

My Donors

  • Road Rider Song Dedication

    Thank You James!

  • Anonymous
  • Kimberly Kurachi

    So cool what you're doing! Best of luck on reaching your fundraising goal!

  • Joon Choe

    I really see your dedication, brother. I know this isn't a lot of money, but I hope this can be used for something for the good.
    I am really proud of you man and I've really been praying for the health of your mom. And i really pray that what you are doing will inspire others. Love you man.

  • Jane Kim

    I'll be praying for your mom Oppa :)

    **and sorry, I don't have your e-mail address, but here's what you can put on your shirt:
    In honor of Ashley Palaez

  • pak family

    We are very proud of you and Chris. 

  • The Gow Family
  • Hannah Kim

    Our prayers are with your mom! We cheer you both on and champion you as you run this race.
    Love and blessings,

  • Connie Kim
  • Muhammed Chowdhury

    From Homie Kabir and Muhammed Chowdhury (includes the $20.00 before). 

  • Homie Kabir
  • Anonymous
  • Sam Han

    Man the ways you challenge me... I've been struggling with this all week! 
    I knew from the beginning that I was going to give, however I never thought 
    about the amount. It took me a while to wrestle with how much. It seems
    like you've already surpassed your so called "easy" goal of 500, but hey why 
    not shoot for the stars? possible 5,000 in the works?! lol
    Hey man, I know it's been an amazingly hard ordeal for your family, 
    especially your mother. There have been incredible ups and downs, but
    man I've seen that youve also grown tremendously. The way that you 
    speak about family has dramatically changed. You always challenge me 
    to look at my surroundings, view everything in a positive light, and 
    to fight for what we truly believe in through action. Thanks for being 
    that friend. 
    As a friend in med school, I've personally have encountered families
    enduring the fight with cancer. HECK my dad just had surgery this summer to remove
    a freakin tumor we never even knew existed. Cancer is one of the leading
    causes of death in this world, and man I pray to God that the strongholds
    and grip of cancer that brings death to so many families may be released.
    That takes a whole lot of prayer, a whole lot of marathon running, and 
    whole crap ton of funding for research that's going on too. 
    Five hundred... even five thousand bucks can seem small in the massive
    battle against cancer. But hey let me tell you that it goes a long way. Doing
    some translational research in medicine this summer has definitely taught 
    me that researching in new and innovative fields is truly tough. But the support
    you receive from the community and funds go a long way to boost the
    confidence of physicians, scientists, and friends like me who are in that 
    field trying to come up with these things.
    I mean think of the many docs and researchers in cancer who see these
    live strong races, breast cancer komen campaigns, relay for life walks...etc. 
    Think about how EMPOWERING it is to know that people like YOU
    are running to fight for a cause as great as curing cancer. It is incredibly 
    empowering, and it gives us more strength knowing that we are NOTjust
    mundanely entering a lab to produce some sort of cure for something
    I personally know that cancer is truly a BATTLE of emotion, of physical craziness
    and so much more. Your mom has just fought that battle. Today she
    has totally overcome that battle with her last round of chemo. 
    Today I make this small gift in remembrance of not only your mother's fight;
    but also in remembrance of all the patients I have already come across
    in the wards of the hospital who struggle and battle with cancer each
    and every day. It's not just about the new development of chemotherapies,
    the new oral medications, the new surgical techniques and machines that 
    your running for. It's about real people who will ultimately have a new
    chance at life; a new hope to live for something so much greater than 
    Thanks for challenging me to really think about what it means to be 
    not only a cancer patient or a family member with cancer, but a future 
    doc and a researcher. You, your mom, and so many other people like ya'll
    inspire me and greatly motivate me every single day. People like you
    guys are exactly the reason why I actually think its worth spending 10+
    hours a day studying... 
    Love you bro.

  • Gloria Kim

    You encourage me. :)
    This amount, is a portion of what had been set aside, from my last paycheck
    and I was stopped in my heart, from using it for something else.  Me and God 
    give this to you in support of what you're doing.
    Haha, please let me know the 'after' of the marathon!
    Talk to ya soon~

  • Sang Yi

    U know I got you

  • Anonymous
  • Peter Chong

    Hey hyung sorry I can't give you more, but I support you.
    In 2001 my uncle at 38 passed away from cancer not breast but still cancer
     he left two son and a loving wife. 

  • Ruth

    James, I'm encouraged and challenged by the way you love and live your
    life. I'm sorry that your family is going through this, but I pray and
    believe that this season of going through the fire will refine you guys all the
    more. Your mom is the luckiest gal to have two great sons, as much as you
    guys are lucky to have her as a mom. I can't think of two better people to
    love on her and show her the love of Christ. Hwa-ee-ting, my brother =)

  • Moses Chun

    Just wanted to make it $300 dollars

  • The Pedersen's

    Hello James, Your mom is an inspiration to all of us and your loving support has been true to your core. God Bless you and yoru family.

  • Amy Leng

    James old friend,
    This is in honor of your dear monther of yours, as well as my beautiful strong mother of mine who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. With lots of love, Amy Leng

  • Honjae Lee


  • the little sis that eats
  • Amy Song

    Ahh Good Luckk!!! 

  • Charine Park

    It's been a while, but I hope you've been doing well! I usually don't get on
    facebook very often, but for some reason this morning I just woke up and
    decided to get on, and the first thing I saw was your post on the marathon
    and I really felt such conviction to support you financially. It's not a whole
    lot, but I just want you to remember that you have a supporter up here in
    the east coast! I think it's really beautiful what you're doing, and I'll be
    praying for you and your mom :)
    Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  • Daniel Chilton

    You, Chris, and your mom have been a great blessing and inspiration in my life. I know it isn't much but I'd like to show my appreciation whenever and however I can. Good luck buddy, I'll be praying for you, your cause, your mom, and your knees as you go through those 13 miles haha:]

  • Jonathan Lam

    Go get um son!