Neale Barret's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$1,965.00 Raised Goal $250.00

My Donors

  • for the various cancer victims we know

    Good job sir. Janet & Clark

  • wishing you a totally awesome ride and experience!
  • For all the survivors out there. Fight on!

    Because I can, I tell ya. Because I can.

  • Anonymous
  • Jon and Lauren Herbert
  • In honor of my amazing parents, Ginny and Neale.

    Your courage, strength, and love has always inspired me and will continue to serve as the example I strive towards each day. I love you both so much! Kick some ass, Dad!

  • Ride Sally - um, I mean, Neale - Ride

    So thrilled that you are riding in this again.  I know your love of biking.  And our mutual love of tossing dreaded cancer on its butt.  I will wear helmet while sitting on my couch in your honor. 
    Cheers to you!  

  • In memory of Anne, Duane, Janice and Sheldon
  • Go Neale!

    I can't wait to hear about your ride.
    Sorry my donation can't be more, but I know that every little bit helps!
    Stay strong!

  • Anna Burtner
  • Ms. Reenie McCaffrey

    Atta boy, Neale. You'll certainly be on my mind and heart on your ride!

  • Ride like the wind, Neale!
  • In honor of our strong extended family ties!


  • In honor of Neale's resilience!

    My dear friend -- I admire your courage, tenacity, resilience, and now your generosity! You are an inspiration to me and so many. I'm so glad you made it through your challenges! Miss your face -- Deb (Caldwell)

  • with love and respect for your strength
  • Neale, you are an inspiration to us all.

    Livestrong and prosper .. I'm calling this ride the "Neale Barret Livestrong Challenge" 

  • For breast cancer survivors I know and don't

    Way to go, Neale.  Thanks for caring.  Judy

  • Susan DiMatteo

    To you my dear !!! 

  • Miss Imogen Cross

    Good luck Neale, you're an inspiration to us all!!

  • Leellen Solter

    Have a great ride, Neale!   -Lee

  • Beverly Tyrrell

    Neale, you are an inspiration! Keep on riding buddy!

  • Way to go Neale!

    Hi Neale, keep on keepin' on, hope the tonsillectomy doesn't impact you too much! All the best, Karen

  • hammer on, brother! we love you.
  • For Dad, Tom, Janice, Andreas, TJ, and many more
  • TM Energy Consulting Inc