Isabella Bertaud's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$725.00 Raised Goal $250.00

My Donors

  • Lisa Fialco
  • Chris Rand

    Go Bella! Your mom and I are very VERY proud of you!!  xxoxo Chris&Mommy

  • Mr. Tony Barlow

    Bella - Good luck on your ride this Sunday. It is a noble cause!

  • Kathy Hajopoulos

    This is a great cause Isabella - thank you!

  • Good luck Bella!
  • Good luck! Gheorghe
  • Scott & Meiko Brooks - GL Isabella & Yann Bertaud!

    We're happy to support you guys in such a great cause!  
    $1 for every mile!  Best of luck!  I'm sure you'll do great on the 45 mile course Isabella.  :)  :)  :)

  • Regina Capurro

    Go Isabella! Good luck on your ride and have fun!

  • Gordon Lyon

    Go Isabella! This is a great thing for you to be doing.

  • Alain Charles Bertaud

    Good work Isabella!

  • Mr. Frank M Tulp

    Great job Isabella, Karen and Yann Have a great ride

  • Isabella Bertaud