Steve Banks' Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$1,085.00 Raised Goal $250.00

My Donors

  • In memory of Julie and Diane

    Enjoy the mile Steve. Schaller's and Nik are cheering you on!

  • Scott Jameson
  • Andrea Cabello
  • Priscilla Kearns

    Dear Steve,
    This is a totally awesome project you have taken on.
    I wish you the very best. All of the individuals that you mentioned on
    your page plus your other loved ones that are now in heaven will be
    watching over you during your ride. Good Luck!!

  • Candyse Weckel

    Thanks for biking for the cause. 3 Weckels and 1 Barr

  • sandra hull

    Thanks, Steve. Wonderful what you're doing.
    Ride safe.

  • Cindy Castillo

    May the force be with you. 

  • Erica Mazariegos

    Thank you Mr. banks for your dedication to this cause. My daddy is battling and BEATING cancer because of the foundations like LIVESTRONG and the good people that spread knowledge and awareness.

  • Dave and Heather Banks
  • Kathryn Caturegli
  • Anonymous
  • Cindy Castillo

    May the force be with you on your ride.

  • Ms. Warren Volk

    Great cause Steve...

  • Kathleen Banks
  • Mr. Steve Banks
  • Denni & Jim Oravec

    Thanks you for supporting cancer research.  I pray that future generations of our families will not have to deal with these insidious diseases. 

  • Kevin Lyon

    Thank you for our and Julie's support while I battled my cancer.  I appreciated the dinner and the conversation.
    Good luck on the ride!

  • Benjamin Daniel Holt

    Sarah (my wife) recently lost her mother to breast cancer... and my cousin Trish is currently fighting it. Good luck to you guys!

  • Michael Banks

    What, no "sure, put me down for $2 / mile, OH @#$% that's actually a lot of money" option?
    Super proud of you go get 'em!