Alison Van Horn's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$355.00 Raised Goal $400.00

My Donors

  • Ms. Carol A Sarro
  • Have fun baby momma! Wish I could be there - JG

    I won't pay for my own race in Virginia beach, but I will 
    DEFINITELY donate to baby Van Horn when he runs his first race!! Well,
    I guess he's not really running, just along for the ride haha
    I hope you have fun! You are awesome, I could never run while prego! 
    Baby Noah George says good luck and hope to see his baby friend soon! 
    Love jan

  • Janice M Peters
  • For DawnMarie. Aunt Kathy & Uncle Kenny XXOO
  • Yeah Team BVH! - Laura
  • Jeremy and Jennifer H.
  • Good luck to You and BVH!! - Amber

    Good luck and have fun! Mommy and baby Boy's
    first race together! xoxo

  • Best of luck, Mama-to-be! XOXO Vicki and Kellen

    You go girl! We're so excited for you and wanted to show a little support. Hope to see you and the bump soon!
    Vicki and Kellen