Will Swetnam's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations. You can support Will’s active fundraising here:

Active Fundraising
$2,132.00 Raised

My Donors

  • Mr. Scott McCaskey

    This is the total amount that the t-shirts that we sold brought. 

  • Bob Dean

    A humble thank you to Will and the Livestong organization for all that you do.

  • Mary Beth Mathews
  • James Swetnam
  • Mary A McNulty

    Thanks for your continued efforts to fight this disease we hate so much and that brings so much pain to so many.

  • Anthony Bolante

    'Wished I was done with this deployment so that I could be riding LS-Austin with you, Bruddah Will. Be well, ride safe and cya when I get back from the Middle East! Aloha/Tailwinds/In your paceline, Antman

  • Tracy Byrnes
  • Mrs. Elizabeth A Baker

    In memory of Michael "Mootsguy" Hopkins. Beloved and fearless BWANA of BicycleGroup and US Cycling Report. Broke away 12/13/2012. RIDE ON BWANA! Have a cold one on me.

  • Mr. Steven Friedman
  • Go CCC!
  • Matt Thompson
  • Ms. Catherine Black

    It's wonderful that you continue to do this each and every year! Have a safe and fun ride!

  • Sanjiv Lakhanpal
  • Kilts for a Cause!
  • The man with the yellow band lens
  • Mr. Louis Viggio