Jaymie Campbell's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$880.00 Raised Goal $250.00

My Donors

  • Dr. Imani Brown

    We love and support your efforts to fight this horrible disease. Good Luck.

  • Ms. Vihil H. Vigil

    Best of luck to you my dear!!! xoxoxo Vihil & little Miss Victoria

  • Marita

    65 miles in 2 hours...you can do it!!

  • Heather Doughty

    It's awesome that you are doing this! Hope you raise a bunch of money!

  • Becky Orphanidys

    We won't be there, but we want you to finish without dying! We still want to see you at Christmas.

  • Sali Che
  • Abby. The Gladiator.

    You're doing it!

  • Gil

    Go, Jaymie!

  • Kerry

    Woot Wooot!