Johnny D'Agostino's Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$3,330.00 Raised

My Donors

  • Cheryl Falk
  • Alex Sala

    Go Gettem Johnny D!

  • Steve & Nicki Inman

    Go Johnny, Go!!!

  • Lauren Jensen

    Here is $70.30 in honor of you racing 70.3 miles. Thanks for all the good that you do for others. Best of luck - you got this!!
    Love, Todd, David and Lauren Jensen

  • Rodgers Family

    Go get em Tiger!

  • The Siedlaczek Family - You got this!

    I am so proud of you!! Thinking of you always and will
    light a special candle for you on July 21st.
    You got this
    Love you so much

  • Angelo & Marcella D'Agostino

    Johnny: We are so proud of you and love you very much.

  • Mario & Roberta D'Agostino

    Johnny: We love you Cousin!

  • Tina Leitch

    I'm very proud of you. I know dad will be cheering you on. 

  • Frances Hillbom

    I know this is a hard race, but if you can enjoy it!  
    We are very proud of you, and love you very much.
    Love, Frances, Rick, Jaclyn, Ricky, and Kathryn ♥

  • Melanie Cramp

    Have fun, you got this!

  • Joe & Cheryl...........Go get em Johnny D!!!!!

    very glad to be helping you know, my family
    was bit by this hideous disease when we lost my 
    younger brother........proud of you man!
    Joe & Cheryl

  • Gary Porath

    Go Johnny Go!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Mom D'Agostino
  • The Kotecki's

    Good luck Johnny!...if you get into trouble, always remember: Stop, Drop and Roll! Love MK & Kate

  • Reider & Eleni Hoff

    We are very proud of the commitment you've made for this Iron Man. We will be with you in spirit.
    Reider & Leni Hoff

  • Bennett Ockrim

    Rock on Johnny!

  • Gigi B

    Thanks for all your efforts for such a worthycause!!! Gigi

  • You got this - Doug
  • Peter C

    Great cause JD - good luck! PC

  • Christopher Reid

    Kick some ass. I've always been proud to be your friend and it is an impressive goal you have set for yourself.

  • Beth Ahearn

    You GO Johnny. I will be cheering you on from Massachusetts!!!!

  • Benedetta & Mario Merucci

    Great cause Johnny! We are proud of you.

  • M. Ali and Family

    You committment to the memory of your loved ones is an inspiration, John! Good luck with your preapration for this very exciting and noteworthy challenge. Daisy and I are pulling for you!!

  • Jeff Panning

    Good luck buddy; this is a great cause!

  • You've got my support. Go get 'em! -Jim
  • Marisa Fortuna
  • Mario & Rose Fortuna
  • Mr. Terry Edward Diegel
  • Ms. Amy B LePenske

    wow - good for you and good luck in your fundraising and well...this qualifying round! I know you will do fab in both :)
    Amy L.

  • Ms. Donna Gruppuso
  • Morris Family
  • Dr. Mark C Basham

    Good luck JD!

  • love, Francesca & Warren

    Sending love, support and good thoughts! Go get them, Johnny! You got this! xo

  • Mr. Johnny F D'Agostino