Athena Fliakos' Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.

$2,898.00 Raised Goal $3,800.00

My Donors

  • Kathleen Baldwin

    I was thinking about you on Sunday. I hope you had a great race! It's so great to do this!

  • John Pizzo
  • 'Notta Gundham Mobile Unit

    Isn't Athena a god of war. 
    I haven't been long distance training so this should be interesting. 
    Need to get shoes. 
    I might be walking some. Should be fun. 
    G Gosciak

  • Anonymous
  • Kerry Reid
  • John Brett
  • Ben Fishman
  • sara voorhees
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Kate & Ian Malin
  • Ileene A. Smith

    in memory of Maria Rosa Menocal

  • Betsy Beck
  • Misha Belikov
  • Cintra Pollack
  • Lucy Destefano
  • Jonathan Spear

    Run, Athena, Run.
    I'm happy to support you in this effort.  I know how much of yourself you give to help others.  The fact that you're doing all of this training, and exerting yourself ceaselessly is no surprise. 
    Best of luck the day of.  Let's connect soon.

  • Laura Beiles Coppola

    Good luck and congratulations on the great work you are doing.
    Love you girly,

  • Kelly Dane
  • Paul Nitze

    Kick ass Fliakos!

  • Mary Fliakos

    Athena, I hope you laugh all the way! See you at the fiinish line .LOVE YOU!

  • Kathleen Reid
  • Colleen reid
  • Alexis Gay

    Ms. Fliakos said she'd run the marathon herself.  All my support & love!

  • Marcus Consolini

    Athena and the Body Space Fitness Team. Thanks for making the effort. Have a great run!

  • Toli Fliakos

    You go, daughter! Keep running light and loooooooooooooong!!!

  • ronnie apfel ,rocco & sophia bella

    you exemplify all that is good in this word.... you are a goddess forever in my heart