Hi Friends, Family and others,

I'm happy to be running for Team Kate and LiveStrong again for the 2014 Austin Marathon. I signed up New Years Eve 2012 to run the 2013 half marathon with "Team Kate" in support of my friend Kate Voth. Having not run in 33 years, and with only 6.5 weeks to train, it turned out to be a real challenge for me, but I did run and finish the race.

Along the way, through the training and fundraising, I received the gifts of meeting new friends, testing new limits, and witnessing the grace and courage Kate Voth brought to her fight with cancer. And I saw firsthand, through our gatherings, what the terms "family" and "friends" really mean.

Kate lost her battle with cancer in June 2013, but not before seeing her 'Team Kate' break records for LiveStrong fundraising and witnessing all of her runners giving their best for her at the 2013 Austin Marathon.

For the 2014 Austin Marathon, Team Kate is back. We're running this time Kate's memory but also in support of others like her. After what I thought would be a one-off run for a friend, I've continued running. I never stopped. This year I will be running the full Marathon, 26.2 miles.

LiveStrong is a great organization with some of the finest people I've ever met. Based right here in Austin TX. Its people do difficult and important work, in service to others. When you support my Marathon participation with Team Kate and Team LiveStrong, I promise you are giving to a worthy cause. I ask for your support and generosity.

Steve Crossland

Team Kate - Team LiveStrong

2014 Austin Marathon

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