My name is Ryan Granzow, and I am participating in the 2014 Austin Half Marathon to celebrate Kate Voth's life as part of Team Kate.

Your donation will make an impact in many lives.

I met Kate through my girlfriend (now my lovely wife), Ryann, around 6 years ago. Over the years, I got to know Kate and her husband, Mike, quiet well. Kate is someone who was always encouraging, happy to hear about how things are going, and always envisioned positive paths for your life. Her impact on everyone she met is evident through her large and passionate network of friends and family. I'm participating to celebrate Kate's life. Kate is missed greatly by so many, and I suspect I won't meet another person who had such a profound positive impact on the people around them.

If you knew Kate, you know her husband, Mike. In case you didn't know, Mike is an eagle scout. He's also sharp as a tack. He probably doesn't know it: Mike is the reason I became interested in participating in the half marathon. His earnest dedication to running is scary impressive. He makes a marathon look easy enough that I convinced myself a half marathon is possible. As much as Team Kate celebrates Kate's life, Team Kate supports Mike.

Donate today as an encouragement to many amazing people.

LIVESTRONG is an organization dedicated to supporting people affected by cancer. In 2014, so many organizations are focusing finding a cure for cancer. LIVESTRONG is focused on the lives of patients, survivors, friends, and family. Like Kate, LIVESTRONG seeks to make a positive impact in everyone's lives. 

Your donation will enable LIVESTRONG and its staff to make a positive impact on the people around them. It's not only about a cure. It's about encouraging a life.

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