Why we run: Our Team is named “Team Kiana!”; In the Beaumont Marathon, Iram Leon got permission to push Kiana (his daughter) in her stroller. As he puts it she finished first but I’m sure he was a close second, Trailing behind was Cancer. That was over the entire field of runners (none with strollers and probably not with cancer either). He is fast! Like Kiana, I have a lot of respect for Iram and we all want to help those fighting Cancer, including her Dad.
A bit about the team leader:
My name is Matt Basgall, I have been running since my first 10k at 9 Years old (I'm 34 now), cross country in high school (part of two state championship teams) , three full marathons and a dozen or so half’s and more 10K’s then I can count. I'm not sure total race miles or training for that matter but let’s say Nike should owe me some stock!
A bit about my inspiration for this team:
Iram J. Leon, Is one of my heroes and can really run in front of the best of them all while fighting Brain Cancer. He did an ad for LiveSTRONG and does like to remain low key. (Note: he can outrun me any day) but he’s always great with fundraising tips and runs constantly!
I’m in North San Antonio; Iram is in Austin. I can always schedule runs (I do have a family and work lol). I’ll be happy to work on a training plan for you to get to your goal time! I have not officially coached but I’ve been around the block a few times and know what it takes. I’m sure Iram will be able to offer some tips to!
This is an open team. We all run for different reasons or motivations. Running to support others is one of the goals of LiveSTRONG and we will be Kiana’s team!
Last year I didn’t have a team, this year I’m on a mission! If you are reading this it's because cancer has affected your life, Thank for your support! LET’S DO IT! LETS KEEP FIGHTING THIS!!!!


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