Linda Santos' Fundraising

This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations. You can support Linda’s active fundraising here:

Active Fundraising
$1,000.00 Raised Goal $1,500.00

Why I’m Fundraising

October 2014 I'll return to Austin for the Ride For the Roses Weekend for my 11th year!  It is a bittersweet journey, but one I am grateful to take each year.  My sister Sue was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2001.  We'd lost our parents to this relentless disease and I knew I wanted, no needed to be Sue's support person, cheerleader, caretaker... her si read more

My Donors

  • Linda Santos
  • Ms. Dora May Grinnell
  • Mrs. Linda Santos

    In honor of Robin Williams, friend to LIVESTRONG. Thank You, always...

  • Peggy Watterson
  • Mrs. linda santos
  • Linda Santos
  • Mrs. Linda Santos