Livestrong: a compound word with many meanings. Whether it is about living your life to the fullest or using all of your strength possible to fight, we all have a personal connection to this word. For me, Livestrong means much more than a cause; it’s a way of life that was taught to me as a young child. My father always showed me that strength, hard work, and an iron will facilitates success. He is the reason I Livestrong. We all have a special person in our lives that has inspired us to Livestrong against cancer. Unfortunately, we all known someone whom has been tested by cancer: a monster whom has stripped us of future memories and challenged even the toughest. This year, I am continuing my full time fight against cancer by riding my bike and raising money for the Livestrong foundation. I will ride 100 miles this year and need your support to help obliterate cancer. Once you donate, please include a person in your life for whom you would like to dedicate this ride. Every year, I wear these names on my back as a reminder of the progress we’ve made and still need to make in this fight. The focus of my ride is not only to honor the memories of those lost, but to also help future generations see victory: a world without cancer.