I don't consider myself a cyclist...just someone doing her small part to make a difference with this disease.

If you know me. You know I HATE cancer. I think it SUCKS.
It has taken too many people in my life and impacted many others.
There isnt a day that goes by when I am not told of a cancer story from a stranger, co-worker or friend.
It makes people feel helpless, but LIVESTRONG empowers people with the tools and education to fight this disease...and that is why I support them and fundraise for them. they help ALL cancers, ALL people and ALL over the world.
I am biking the 5 Boros ride in NYC (May), RAGBRAI (Iowa for 6 days of biking and 415 miles) and the LIVESTRONG Challenge in October down in Austin, Texas.

Please help me raise fund to help people diagnosed and fighting cancer.

I ride in memory of Grandpa Walch, Cathy, Amy, Uncle George and so many more.


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