This will be my 7th year consecutive year participating in the LIVESTRONG Challenge, but more importantly, this will also be the 7th year anniversary of my best friends diagnosis of cancer.  As many of you know, Steve and I first participated in this event only weeks after he sat with his physician to be told, "You have cancer."  Since then, we have run and cycled for this incredible charity and along the way started our Little. Yellow. Different team with his brother Travis.  On August 17th, we will once again get out there, only this year we will do everything in one day: running 6.2 miles and then jumping on our bikes to ride 100 miles.

Despite what your thoughts or my thoughts are about Lance Armstrong, this organization continues to march on to provide hope and life-saving resources to those living with this horrible disease.  They breathe life into those that are newly diagnosed and inspire them to fight while guiding them through the most critical decisions they will ever make in their lives.  It is true that they do not fund cancer research; instead they fund my best friend and many others who are looking for answers, resources, physicians, and the best possible treatment options.  Put simply: they are in the business of keeping our loved ones alive.

Please consider supporting our efforts by making a donation or by joining our team to participate with us on August 17th.  Any donation that you can make is much appreciated and if you are interested in joining our team for this event, please contact me and I will give you the information you need to get registered.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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