I have decided to participate in this year’s Chicago Marathon in October as part of the Livestrong Organization and Team WR.  I will be running for those I both love and lost due to Cancer.  My mother, Terry Tonnessen, is a two time survivor beating both Kidney and Lung Cancer.  She has recovered and has been a strong beautiful woman ever since, which makes me so proud and blessed to run for her.  Second is for a lost friend and old college lacrosse teammate Willie Rago.  We have named our team after him for the reason he touched all of our lives and was our college lacrosse teams motivation our senior year.  Willie passed in 2010 from Cancer unexpectedly leaving his parents and brother behind.  We proudly played for his memory and we are proudly running for him now.  This Marathon will be very difficult , but it's clearly a easier than battling Cancer… I proudly embrace what is to come. As part of Team LIVESTRONG, I'm making a difference in the fight against cancer. 

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