On September 20, Bill, Tyler, Will, Mia, and I will all be swimming various open water distances in Eric Shanteau’s Swim for your Life event at Lake Lanier.  The proceeds from this event and all donations go to LIVESTRONG, an organization you all know that has been a major leader in the fight against all types of cancer.

We will be swimming and raising money especially for Bill’s father, Bob Trocchi, who was diagnosed with liver cancer one year ago in September.  In fact, when we participated in this event last year, he had just been diagnosed a couple of weeks before.  Without innovative treatments starting soon after his diagnosis, there is no way we would have been able to visit him for Thanksgiving or celebrate Father’s Day 2014 with him or his birthday coming up on September 11.  Bill’s sister Lynne is approaching her 2nd year cancer-free, and we are celebrating the successful treatment of my aunt Leah, aunt Pat, and close friends Tina, Michelle, and Marc, as well.  Cancer claimed the life of my father, my father’s sister and brother, several of my father’s aunts, Bill’s aunt, and several other extended family members.  Bill’s family has also been affected by the gene mutation BRCA, which greatly raises cancer risk.

There is no doubt that donations are what make the difference in funding clinical trials and helping families with the enormous financial and emotional burden that a diagnosis brings.

There is nothing that I hate to do more than ask people for money.  I can stomach it more by phrasing it this way- if you normally donate to a charity during the year, we would love it if you would direct that money to this charity for this year.

It is Mia’s first year participating, and she wrote a poem about it:

Donate for people whose health is low

Or do the Swim for your Life by Eric Shanteau.

The money donates to research for cancer

So if they wanted to, they wouldn’t have to give up being a dancer.

The Swim for your Life is an open water swim.

Everyone should do it, the thick and the slim!

Doing or donating can save someone from death

And when you’re done, happiness and pride will be all that’s left.


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