Patty O’Neil's Fundraising

$1,140.00 Raised Goal $1,750.00
$50 can offer $272.50 in debt relief for a cancer patient and family

Why I’m Fundraising

Hello All,

I am running my 5th Marathon on October 13th, 2019 for Team LIVESTRRONG. This is my first time running for LIVESTRONG. I am very fortunate to run for this team and raise awareness for cancer. This year cancer has affected my life in more ways then one. I lost both my uncle and grandfather just 6 months apart from each other due to cancer. My mother in law has been battling ca read more

My Donors

  • Kimberly Favreau
  • K Barton

    For so many who meant the world to me and have faught the battle.
    Thanks for running <3

  • Lisa Clark

    In memory of Karen Valenti. Best of luck Patty!

  • Brad Desilets
  • Steve Collette
  • Richard Valenti

    In loving memory of Karen Valenti who fought a courageous battle. She said said I am not dying of cancer I am
    living with it. Her final words to me were Be tough and stick together!

  • Kristen Kraunelis

    Go Patty!

  • Ali Curran
  • Milagros Serrano

    Good luck on Marathon day!

  • Kristen Fox

    You are amazing

  • Tara Rousselle

    Get it, girl <3

  • Jessalynne Antilus

    Proud of you Patty

  • Marie Garcia
  • Lynn Jones

    Good luck Patty!

  • Anonymous
  • Matthew Davis

    Run patty run