June 17, 2013

Jack would have been 16 months old today. It feels like it's been forever ago since I saw him last and like it was just yesterday...all at the same time.

I haven't ridden a bike since before I was pregnant (May 28, 2011 to be exact!). In fact, I need to buy a new one on my way to Davis this weekend. :)

WHY am I doing this you might ask? Good question! VERY good question!

It's symbolic really...a tangible effort to "get back in the saddle"...both the bike saddle and the saddle of life.

JACK WAS HERE. I AM HERE. BLAINERIDESON. Three pretty good reasons I think.

The last year and a half has not been easy. This is also an effort to reconnect...to reconnect to this cause I believe so strongly in...and to reconnect to my husband through the activity he loves in the environment that brought us together.

He's supported me in countless ways. Now I want to support him.

Cancer is insidious. It knows know boundaries.

LIVESTRONG is hope. LIVESTRONG is help. LIVESTRONG means you don't have to fight alone.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to me? It means LIFE. It means LOVE. It means BLAINE. It means JACK.

Thank you for supporting me.

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