LIVESTRONG means living every day like it is your last.

I am pleased to be joining one of the strongest and most committed teams out there-Team Kate. I am running to honor Kate's memory as well as to honor the fight of cancer survivors and fighters all over the world. 

This run also honors my mother, Terri Cottrell, who has fought for me and always been in my corner. Through all her struggles, it seems she hardly breaks a sweat! My mom has done a few marathons already and has inspired me through her commitment to health and personal happiness. I love you, mom! It's never too late to be young!

As a member of the LIVESTRONG staff, I am committed from the inside and out to providing the support that people affected by cancer need. It is more than finding a cure later down the line--it's about finding the friends, the fellows, the families who know what you are going through and how to make it through. It's an honor to be a part of that!

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