Often while on my bike rides at the Grand Canyon, I'm asked the question “What are you training for?” to which I don’t have an answer. Well, now I do... I will ride with my uncle Dan, his friends, and team LIVESTRONG in support for him as he continues to fight and overcome this battle with cancer.

Dan was diagnosed this past year, and after surgery to remove the main tumor we thought things were going well. Two months into the surveillance it was discovered that the cancer had spread. As he continues this fight, he has struggled to maintain the motivation needed to stay active. Not letting this beat him down however, he decided to register for the 40 mile LIVESTRONG TD 5 Borough bike tour through NYC and is training while continuing chemo.

In order for me to ride with Dan, I need to raise $750 in donations (as well as get myself, and my Bike from Arizona to NYC) on May 4th. If you are able to help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

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