The past year has been a challenging one. Two surgeries on my right knee was tough.

It is a slow road back from the procedures and regaining muscle in my legs..but I am working hard at it.

One of my motivations is that one that is a MONTH, I will be biking in the 5 Boros Bike Ride in New York City...and I will be riding for Team LIVESTRONG.

As most of you know I am a HUGE supporter of this foundation. And before you ask about Lance, let me say this: NO, I am not a fan of what Lance Armstrong did in his professional career,but no one can argue the good his foundation has done for millions of people fighting cancer. I became a fan of Lance because of what he stood for in the world of cancer. Biking was never my passion, kicking cancers ass was and still is. Lance is no longer affiliated with the foundation, but does remain the top donor. My passion with the organization is because I have watched first hand how cancer can be overwhelming to the person diagnosed, and the people who love them. I went with my mom to cut her hair off before chemo, I held my friend's hand as she was told she was in end stage cancer, I cheered on my friends, my aunt and my uncle as they fought cancer and won, I was there when my grandpa lost his fight with cancer and again when my friends Cathy, Amy and Mark lost the fight too.

Too many people I know have been impacted and that is what drives me to keep fighting. To me, this fight is personal!

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