12, 2014:  Re-commitment Day #4!

is a team of
family, friends, colleagues, and complete strangers committed to one common
goal – waging full-time war on a disease that has either tried to take loved
ones from us, or has already done so. 

In 2011, I started a one-man battle with
cancer, not as a patient, but as a friend and brother who had been impacted by
it twice in a period of six months.  Out
of the loss of my friend, Don Rosolowski, and the tremendous fight of my
sister, Jill, began TEAM CANNON
In that first year we raised an amazing $20,001.00.

expanded from a team of one to a team of eleven.  In addition, to honor my sister’s fight
against leukemia, I added MARROW MATTERS to the team name.  At the time of
my ride in Austin my sister was one year post-transplant and doing well.  All told, we raised
just over $18,000.00. 

Last year, in 2013 – a year where LIVESTRONG raised
its game, we "saw" their raise and raised our game as
well.  As the season began we established
the permanent name TEAM CANNON / ALL-IN in order to describe the
level of dedication that we have in this fight.  The team grew larger and we
raised even more money – over $24,000.00, 20% more than our biggest year

Now, steely-eyed and angrier than hell by the recent loss of more loved ones, we enter our fourth year in this fight.  We will set our goals higher and our voices
louder!  It is an
unfortunate truth that there will always be another reason for each of us to
support the fight.  

So, today, I make my personal re-commitment to
fighting the most disgusting disease that I believe exists on this earth.  I choose to do so because I can.  I can make a difference, thanks to each and
every one of you.  I can inspire others
to do more, thanks to the inspiration that I am given by each of you.  I can teach my children that every man,
woman, and child is responsible for playing a role in the ability to live a
better life before cancer, with cancer, and after cancer. 

In closing, I would like to dedicate my rides
in 2014 to Bobby Miller.  Bobby is the
husband of a longtime colleague and friend, Pat Miller.  Bobby is young, positive, and full of
fight.  He is fighting a pancreatic
cancer diagnosis, and fighting it he is! 
With the support of Pat and their family, friends, and loved ones, Bobby
is determined to live strong and fight with the courage of a warrior.  My goal will be to ride the equivalent of 5
miles each day of 2014 in Bobby’s honor – a total of 1825 miles. So, in
Bobby’s honor, this year we are ALL-IN in purple, the color of pancreatic
cancer support.  

Friends, here we go one more time.  Those of us who are part of this team, athletes
or donors, are 100% committed to the sweat, 100% committed to the tears, and
100% committed to the fight.  We are ALL-IN
in the fight against cancer and we will never, ever stop.

Welcome to TEAM CANNON / ALL-IN and thank you for your
continued support of our mission.

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