I've completed 6.00 miles of a 50.00 mile goal.

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Liz Hagag's Fundraising

$151.00 Raised Goal $250.00
$50 can offer $272.50 in debt relief for a cancer patient and family

Why I’m Fundraising

I was diagnosed with Leukemia on Easter morning at the age of eleven. Five months after I was diagnosed, I received a bone marrow transplant from my only brother, who was a perfect match. A true miracle!

Those two years spent in and out of the hospital are a blur, but the harsh reality of survivorship continues with me to this day. I had to learn the hard way that strength is vulnerabilit read more

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My Donors

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  • Joel "Scoops" Karabach

    Team LIT, let's get that bread and stay in the lead!!
    -from your fellow CCL in the building

  • Donald Connor
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