Why am I running the 2014 Austin Half Marathon again this year? Two word: KATE VOTH!

Kate was a dear friend of mine who sadly lost her battle against Melanoma on June 1, 2013. She was the most inspiring, kind-hearted, and optimistic person I've ever met. She not only embraced life to the fullest, she inspired everyone that surrounded her to live their lives to the fullest. Kate did not have a selfish bone in her body. She always thought about others. 

I am excited to be running with "Team Kate" again this year. I had some memorable memories from last year and made some incredible new friends along the way! 

Thank you so much for supporting my goals and making a difference by supporting such a great cause! 

The LIVESTRONG Foundation serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against this disease that is now the world's leading cause of death. LIVESTRONG has become a symbol of hope and inspiration to people affected by cancer around the world.

The money I raise will support programs and services for cancer survivors. These resources help people diagnosed with cancer face the challenges of the disease head on and live life on their own terms. Livestrong.org/WeCanHelp

Please support me as I make a difference in the cancer fight through my participation in Team LIVESTRONG.

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