Until I went to my first LIVESTRONG event I never knew there could be this much pain and suffering outside a war or natural disaster. Since then the stories of survival and loss are awesome. The examples of creativity and personal determination to make lives better are amazing.

I am an investor in LIVESTRONG because we help people right NOW. When someone hears the words "you have cancer" it is too late for research. It is too late for what might be. The only thing that matters is what can be done right NOW.* This is what LIVESTRONG is all about.

Through in house staff and partnerships LIVESTRONG can help with virtually every cancer related issue one (patient, family, friend) might have. What should be looked for in a Dr? Is fertility important? How will I pay? What is the most current form of treatment? Need someone who has been there and done that? LIVESTRONG leverages the money raised every year to provide these resources and more.

It will be fantastic someday when cancer is completely prevented and cured. In the meantime I would like to help improve the lives of those currently going through the battle. LIVESTRONG helps me do it.

* Cancer research is also important. Jeri and I also support organizations like the American Cancer Society and Susan G Komen whose focus is on research and a cure.

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