The life that I have lived so far has been full of many great individuals. They have taught me much more than what is right and what is wrong; they have taught me to live, love, be humble, and to never give up. Among these individuals was Sherry Daniels, a very close family friend that was loved by many. Unfortunately she is not physically here today; she passed away in the summer of 2013 after battling ovarian cancer for four years. However, she is still here in our mind and hearts. She has touched many individuals with her grace and wisdom. Throughout her life, she followed this phrase: “Love what is!” She accepted everything that came her way, and loved it for what it was. She did this for cancer, too. She saw cancer as a way to become stronger, and reach out and express her love to others. Sherry’s life and love will never be forgotten.

By joining this race, I hope to raise the awareness of cancer in the community in which I live and many others. The LIVESTRONG Foundation has already made a great effort to raise awareness of cancer across the nation and worldwide. In addition, they have raised money to pay for the treatment of current cancer patients. I would like to contribute to this. If you can, please make a donation. Thank you.

“Love what is!”