Through the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Series, our team is fighting cancer with my daddy Wayne R Mundy. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August of 2009. I will never forget getting the phone call from him, where I was standing, how I wanted to be with him and not on the phone, how my heart hit my toes and one more important thing that instantly kicked in – We will fight and Livestrong every day.

What made me instantly think LiveSTRONG is because of my experience with the Livestrong foundation. Francis and I have been involved with the Livestrong foundation since 2004. What always has and still does impress me is that the foundation is focused on LIVING through and past cancer.

This year Francis and I have decided to not only participate but to put a team together to ride in the Austin Livestrong Challenge. We could not think of anybody that embodies the words LIVESTRONG more than my Dad. To quote his nurse at MD Anderson he is a “walking miracle”. Francis came up with the perfect name for our team "Mr. Wayne's Wheelin Warriors"

Please join our team either by riding and/or donating to this amazing organization that truly is improving the quality of lives of the 28 million survivors worldwide and their families. With your help, we will raise valuable funds and awareness in our community so that those affected by the disease know where to turn for support and resources.

Changing how the world fights cancer is a TEAM effort. Please consider joining us or donating in memory/honor of someone you love.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation inspires and empowers people affected by cancer and believes that unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything. My dad, Wayne Mundy, and his Wheelin Warriors have that best attitude please join us.

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