As part of Team LIVESTRONG, I'm making a difference in the fight against cancer. I am fundraising for 2014 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, taking place on June 1st 2014. I will be racing in memory of my grandfather, JH Kim.

My grandfather was the most inspiring, interesting, and loving person I have ever known. I have told some of my friends about how he had escaped the North Korean army during Korean War, after being enlisted against his will (his family was originally from the North). He started and raised a loving family in South Korea, and became a successful business man - and he traveled the world (more than I have traveled, and I've traveled 30 countries so far), and helped those who were less fortunate. He was first diagnosed with liver cancer and had his surgery on my birthday when I was in first grade in elementary school. I recall that I wanted to become a doctor when I grow up so I can cure cancer because of this event - and I wrote him a letter asking him to please stay healthy so he can see me start my second year in school in a few months. Those of you who have known me for a long time, you know that there is no chance that I could survive Med School (I faint when I get my blood drawn). The surgery was successful, but almost a decade later, he was again diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - to which we eventually lost him after a long fight. 

It is hard not to get emotional when I think about him - he was the greatest man that I've ever known, but I did not get to tell him how much I loved him when he was still with us. So, I am going to finish this race in memory of my grandfather, and to help make a difference in the fight against cancer. 

Donation of any amount is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your support.