Cancer affects hundreds of lives, not just the victim's.

It destroys the lives of family members, friends, and everyone who has ever known the victim.

Cancer isn't fun.

It has made me realize that life can't be taken for granted and you should live every day to the fullest.

Though I ride for many in memory as they are no longer with us, I also ride in honor of those having to face it today. It takes a team to beat it and everyone needs to do their part.

A thought for cancer survivors: Keep dreaming of the future, while remembering the past. It may suck, but cancer becomes part of who you are, and you should embrace it as a learning experience. Stay positive, and never give up!

RIP William Yohana you are missed

Keep flying angel Barbi Kelly

Dan DeFlorio we will take care of Donna. Rest.

No more pain Susan Yohana

In your memory Mr. Purtle

Norman Walensky, please leave that NJ hospital!

Loretta Hubert, your best friend misses you!

Mara Dougherty, may you rest in peace with all of the doggies

Your absence is felt Stacey Ann Thompson

Your family misses you Brian Weber

Tom and Diane Morgan, many fond memories of you both

John Valentine you are missed!

Continue giving it HELL Tom Kelly!

Continue flipping it off, Sarah Joanis

Tell it to pound salt, Molly Fuglestad!

Stay clear Melissa Fetter Ridzinski

Pedaling for you Grace Bell, Louie Bell and June Antrican!

You are missed Cathy Howard

Taken too soon Melvin Larsen

On behalf of Scott P's good friend Stacy Robinson

Michelle "Tip" Tomko and Ronald Lickman Jr, Laurie loves you

Brother Brian Weber taken too soon and Charles Weber, keep up the fight!

Suzie Frosch, You've got this!

Positive, healing thoughts Yolanda Bellorin

Fight you angle for animals, Dr. Archie Underwood

Hoping you beat this Lynn Bennett!

Fingers and toes crossed Richard DuPont!

Sister Catherine Blanke Witt, who needs em. This is your big F U xox!

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