• In February 2012 the fight against cancer became personal. During a routine physical my doctor decided I should have a chest x-ray for a slight cough. The x-ray showed a mass in my chest. It appeared that my thymus gland did not shrink as it should have when I was young and a tumor developed on part of the gland. The thymus gland is located below the sternum and a biopsy of the mass could not be accurately performed without removal.
  • So in March 2012, I had surgery - a sternotomy (opening my chest). A biopsy showed I had thymic carcinoma. The fear is that this cancer can turn into lung cancer. The good news is that it appears things were caught early and the tumor was isolated to the thymus gland. I began radiation treatment in June 2012 with concurrent chemotherapy that went through August. My last scan was in April 2013 and so far all's well.
  • LIVESTRONG provided me with much needed resources when I faced my cancer diagnosis. LIVESTRONG helped me cope emotionally with my cancer diagnosis by providing straight, open talk about cancer, via one-on-one support. They helped guide me through my cancer experience and made resources available that helped me understand my diagnosis, treatments and recovrey concerns. LIVESTRONG helped me talk openly about my cancer with my wife, family and friends.
  • As part of Team LIVESTRONG, I'm making a difference in the fight against cancer. I've joined with other people around the globe and across different events to raise money for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. The Foundation serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against the disease that is now the world's leading cause of death. LIVESTRONG has become a symbol of hope and inspiration to people affected by cancer around the world.

    The money I raise will support programs and services for cancer survivors. These resources help people diagnosed with cancer face the challenges of the disease head-on and live life on their own terms. Please support me as I make a difference in the cancer fight through my participation in Team LIVESTRONG. Thank you!