JANUARY 12, 2013: Re-commitment Day!

TEAM CANNON / ALL-IN is a team of family, friends, colleagues, and complete strangers committed to one common goal – waging full-time war on a disease that has either tried to take loved ones from us, or has already done so.

In 2011, I started a one-man battle with cancer, not as a patient, but as a friend and brother who had been impacted by it twice in a period of six months. Out of the loss of my friend, Don Rosolowski, and the tremendous fight of my sister, Jill, began TEAM CANNON. In that first year I was witness to tremendous generosity and was able to raise $20,001.00. Through that initial fundraising year I also learned a lot about my friends, family, and colleagues. I learned that cancer had impacted so many of them so very deeply. They inspired me to push forward into 2012.

In 2012, thanks to the interest of many friends and family (coming from as far away as Indianapolis and Chicago), TEAM CANNON expanded from a team of one to a team of eleven. In addition, to honor my sister’s fight against leukemia, I added MARROW MATTERS to the team name. The reason – an anonymous woman in Europe gave my sister a fighting chance at life with a bone marrow transplant. At the time of my ride in Austin last October my sister was one year post-transplant and doing exceptionally well. By the end of the 2012 season TEAM CANNON / MARROW MATTERS had walked, had run, and had ridden. All told, we raised just over $18,000.00 through not only the original fundraising core, but an expansion to new companies, new friends, and new family.

Now, as we begin the 2013 season, I am fueled by not only the Rosolowski family and my sister (who is 100% healthy and living strong), but by the tremendous support that I continue to receive. TEAM CANNON will grow once again this year. More of us will run, walk, and ride. More of us will raise money. More of us will carry the flag for those who have inspired our fight. This year, my rides are inspired by Maria, the mother of a good friend. Maria has courageously battled a very rare form of cancer for two years and continues to fight with tremendous spirit. She fights for her family – her children and her grandchildren. To me, her fight is the inspirational example that we all need in order to be better than who we are. People like Don, Jill, and Maria show us that the human spirit is stronger than we may believe. They show us what we hope to be – steadfast and courageous. I thank each of them for sharing their battle with me in one way or another.

So, here we go one more time. Those of us who are part of this team, athletes or donors, are 100% committed to the sweat, 100% committed to the tears, and 100% committed to the fight. We are ALL-IN in the fight against cancer.

Welcome to TEAM CANNON / ALL-IN and thank you for your continued support of our mission.

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