Cancer impacts all of us and each one of us has a story of someone we know, or perhaps even ourself has had to deal with a cancer diagnosis. My late wife Leah was diagnosed with a rare form of non-hodgkins lymphoma in December of 2010. Life expectancy was 90-days without treatment and even with chemo, survival rates were slim to none. I did much research on AITL and came to to help us in our search for answers and links to information that would help us through this journey. Leah lost her battle with AITL after contracting GVHD (Graft Vs. Host Disease) as a result from an allogeneic stem cell transplant in May of 2012. 

Life is never the same once you receive a cancer diagnosis. And as a caregiver, it is unbelievably difficult to watch the one you love, go through a living Hell, enduring poisonous chemo treatments and experimental stem cell treatments, hoping that perhaps he or she will be that 1 in a million to survive. Witnessing so many, fighting to survive in clinics and hospitals has an impact on you. 

Cancer kills scores of people each year, and working to help not only those fighting the disease, but families and caregivers alike, becomes a priority in life. Leah was an extraordinary woman, loved the beauty of the San Juan mountains outside of Durango, and would have enjoyed seeing so many people riding for such a wonderful cause. 

In my place of business, cancer has impacted the lives of my employees and their families. We continue to work to help others get through the day and focus on hope that someday, less poisonous chemo drugs will be both readily available and more effective in curing this terrible disease. Please help me ride in 2014 for the scores of people who need our help. Donate what you can today and thank you! Suzanne, Lynn, and I will enjoy riding to Silverton, appreciative of your support.