My daughter, Finley Sofia, was born 6-weeks early on May 30, 2013 due to her mother getting severe pre-eclampsia. Over the next 48 hours I spent most of my time holding her 3lb frame next to her incubator in the NICU. At 10:43am on Saturday, June 1st, as I sat there rocking Finley, I received a text from Billy Moyer, a fellow Concordia Emerging Leaders Board member, that said "It is with a great deal of sadness that I relay this news to you. Kate Voth has passed away."

As I texted back and forth with friends informing them of the news and talking about Kate's impact on our lives, I remember my eyes watering, and at that moment I knew Kate was was Finley's first angel.
Kate had such a big impact on my life and how I perceived the world. My only regret is not telling her 

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