Cancer Transitions

Cancer Transitions: Moving Beyond Treatment was developed in 2006 in partnership between the Cancer Support Community and LIVESTRONG. Cancer Transitions™ is designed to support, educate and empower people with cancer in the transitional period after treatment is over. This program features written materials as well as interactive components to address the long-term effects of cancer treatment, as well as survivors' psychosocial needs during their transition to life after treatment. The evidence-based program was created with recognized experts in key aspects of cancer survivorship, incorporating information from peer-reviewed literature. Research shows that both men and women who participate can experience:

  1. Less worry about the negative impacts of cancer
  2. Better physical and social functioning
  3. More commitment to physical activity
  4. Improvements in fat-related dietary habits

The six-week series incorporates support groups, education, nutrition and physical exercise, as well as addressing other medical management, psychosocial and quality of life issues. The program also provides survivors with practical tools and resources to formulate a personal action plan for survivorship beyond their participation in Cancer Transitions. Through our 2010 and 2011 Community Impact Project Cancer Transitions has been funded by the LIVESTRONG Foundation in nearly 100 communities. Due to the program’s popularity & success organizations may now license the program for an annual fee, allowing them to offer the program year round. Cancer Transitions is available for license in both English and French (Canadian). For more information on licensing the US or Canadian versions of this program please contact